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Chiropractic Practice Owner...
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Get Fully Booked, Find Freedom & Move Beyond Your Practice Room. 

Success Without Stress.

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How To Grow Your Patient List In 30 Days Without Bro Marketing Or Yucky Sales Techniques.

"I have one major intention; to craft a new era for you, the chiropractic business owner, through systemic freedom, financial empowerment, and extended impact beyond your practice walls...success on your terms without sacrificing yourself or your family life .."


Does This Sound Like You?

Do you find yourself constantly chained to your healthcare practice, with no time to enjoy the freedom you desire?

  • Do you feel challenges and burnout are leaving you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?   
  • Does it seem... like you're juggling too many balls in the air, struggling to keep up with the demands of running a practice?​
  • Are you frustrated that... with the conventional, exhausting 'bro marketing' tactics and yearn to grow your practice on your own terms?
  • Are you concerned are not managing and investing your money or that your income is not consistent?
  • ​​And when it comes down to it, do you...  do you feel like there's no time, too much stress, and not enough financial abundance to truly live the life you want?

Our Programmes:

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The Fully Booked Academy®

This programme is for health care practice owners and associates who want to get a fully booked list or practice. There has never been a better time to get Fully Booked. However, things have changed, strategies that worked before were not working so well in 2023 & so in 2024 we need to innovate and refresh our methods.  Our Fully Booked Academy is a proven success pathway that will help you get fully booked quickly and keep you that way.  

In this course, you will learn:

  • Foundation: The solid foundation to creating and growing your fully booked list and the success mindset you need to get fully booked. 
  • Framework Learn the step by step innovative, advanced strategies create the fully booked list framework that ensures your patients get great results.
  • Fill: Your ethical, 'non-bro marketing secrets' to fill your list and keep it that way.
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The Freedom Practice Blueprint®

Elevate your practice to extraordinary heights where success, community impact, and personal fulfillment converge. This is for the visionary practice owners eager to not just make a difference, but to redefine what's possible in their community. Embrace the ultimate blend of life design, business automation, and financial mastery. Discover the path to a FREEDOM BASED PRACTICE that transcends the ordinary—less stress, more time, more wealth, and unparalleled freedom. Forge your future where ambition meets purpose, transforming your practice into a beacon of excellence and liberation.
Inside this training, you will discover:

  • ​Life Design Playbook for creating a life you love. You can stop sacrificing your personal time and your family life.
  • Business Growth & Automation playbook to ensure your practice runs like a well oiled machine, giving you less stress, more time, more money and more freedom. 
  • ​Money Mastery Playbook to take control of your finances, grow them and put your money to work for you. If you want financial freedom this programme will show you how to achieve it. 
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Beyond Your Practice Room®

You’re Great At What You Do And You’re Willing To Go All-in For Your Patients.
But you may feel like you're constantly trading time for money. You're chained to your treatment room, and your income is entirely dependent on your physical presence.
This can be stressful and limiting, and you may find yourself yearning for a way to reduce your stress and have more time.

The truth is, most medical professionals believe they are only trained to be a healthcare professional, and that they can't earn money unless they are in the room, providing care to their patients.

The idea of earning income that doesn't require your constant input may seem impossible but it’s not…


We, as healthcare professionals, are technicians at heart, used to following structure and well tested rules.

It's almost like it’s in our DNA and it’s sometimes hard to see beyond that.

But by breaking free from the traditional model of in-person care, you can create a location-independent business or side hustle that allows you to earn income without being physically present all the time.


We teach medical/healthcare professionals how to get unchained from their treatment room & create time, location and financial freedom, helping others by selling their knowledge online

Dream Practice Secrets: The Essential Guide for Chiropractic Business Owners

Unlock the full potential of your chiropractic practice with "Dream Practice Secrets," the essential guide aimed specifically at chiropractic business owners determined to elevate their practice. This book is a roadmap to building a self-sustaining, rapidly growing practice that affords you the ultimate freedom to enjoy life, with or without your constant oversight.

Inside, you'll discover proven strategies for automating your business, enhancing profitability, fostering a winning team culture, and aligning your practice with your personal life goals. "Dream Practice Secrets" is the key to transforming your practice into a thriving, autonomous entity that continues to grow, giving you the freedom to live the life you've always dreamed of.

​This concise, powerful guide is a must-have for chiropractic business owners ready to take their practice to the next level. Make your dream practice a reality with "Dream Practice Secrets.

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